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Our VISION is simple:

We intend to be a reference company in the national and international market through the quality of our services and products in the Fire Detection Systems and Life Safety fields.

We see a world where people have a better life when using our technology, and we aspire to be recognized by our customers as leaders in our industry.

Our MISSION could not be clearer:

Changing lives through innovation. Our main target is to provide innovative, efficient, high quality and performance solutions for a better tomorrow.

We believe in offering solutions that add value to our customers' business. We create intelligent, creative, and complete solutions that provide flexibility, speed, and success. We aim to win customers by offering excellent services and world class technology.


Excellence: we seek to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, maintaining the highest level of quality, accuracy, efficiency, and enthusiasm.

Innovation: we embrace change and creativity to achieve the best possible results, valuing innovative spirit, initiative, and perseverance.

Trust: we seek to act with maximum transparency and cooperation both externally and internally and to sustain all relationships on a basis of trust and seriousness.

Teamwork: we highly value the human framework and encourage all employees to work together to achieve the proposed objectives.

Medium to long term view of market needs and expectations

Snido - Intelligent Solutions

Deliver the latest technology

Snido - Intelligent Solutions

Provide an excellent service and innovative products

Snido - Intelligent Solutions

Our Philosophy

Snido - Intelligent Solutions

Long term product warranty

Snido - Intelligent Solutions

Continuous improvement. We aim to exceed ourselves every day

Snido - Intelligent Solutions

Maintain a valued and motivated team