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Quality assumes for SNIDO a preponderant role for the development of the company, which bets on the continuous improvement of its processes and on obtaining national and international recognition for the quality of services and products as a basis for its growth.

Quality is vital in a company that develops its products and services in the field of fire and life safety, a responsibility that is taken very seriously and that encourages the development and supply to our customers of innovative solutions, efficient and of high quality and performance.

The Quality and maintenance of its Management System (QMS) is the responsibility of all employees of the organization, with Management assuming a relevant role in its implementation, dissemination, applicability and ability to make resources available to employees so that the objectives are achieved. The Quality Policy stated here is, in essence, the Management's commitment to the success of the QMS, also defining its guiding principles:

  • Customers and Products:
    • Maintain the focus on the satisfaction of customers, suppliers of goods and services and other interested parties, with the offer of products and services that satisfy their requirements, analyzing the conjuncture of the national and international market, in order to systematically adapt the offer to the requirements of that same global market;
    • To provide its customers with the best possible technical and technological solutions, through an investment policy in Design and Development, in which the organization is committed to asserting itself as a world reference company;
  • Employees:
    • For this, the organization makes available to its human resources the appropriate and necessary means to keep the operationalization of its processes, through the increase of its technical skills, the stimulation of the innovative spirit and creativity, while promoting a good work environment and team spirit;
  • Organization Management
    • Ensure the maintenance and documentation of all processes and procedures for supporting the QMS and compliance with the applicable requirements, in order to guarantee the conformity of products and services and contributing to the continuous improvement of the processes inherent to its activity;
    • Identify and know how to manage the risks and opportunities that are evident throughout the process of implementing and maintaining the QMS, ensuring that the organization reaches the outlined objectives;
    • Commit to implement, keep documented, disseminate and make the Quality Policy understood to all employees and also to all interested parties involved in the organization's activity, aware that this is the only way to achieve the effectiveness of the QMS and its continuous improvement.

São Brás de Alportel, January 19th 2024
The Administration